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Become an Optimum Rewards Member

Customers with all 3 Optimum Services: iO TV service with Family cable and above, Optimum Online and Optimum Voice are immediately eligible to become Optimum Rewards Members.

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If you don't have all 3 Optimum Services, call (888)327-6482 to order Services.

The Optimum Rewards program provides Members with an automatic $20 combined monthly discount, and, upon registration, additional benefits including:

  • Free Movie Nights and Discounts at all Clearview Cinemas
  • Special Ticket Offers to Great Entertainment at Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall
  • Exclusive Opportunities to Win Unique Experiences
  • Member Only Discounts at Optimumstore.com
Members on multi-product promotional offers will become automatically eligible to receive the $20 monthly combined discount at the end of their promotional period.